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Whether you collect art, antiques, cars, dolls, furniture, sports memorabilia, vintage clothing, or something uniquely yours…

Gather your treasured possessions together in a beautifully produced, easy to read, custom-designed volume, together with the story of how your Collection came to be.

Establishes Your
Collection's Provenance

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Provenance helps to confirm an item's authenticity; that it hasn't been altered, isn't a forgery, reproduction, or has been stolen. It attests to the item's legitimacy.

Creates Your

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Your legacy is what you leave behind for your loved ones and is what you will be remembered by. Treasured possessions confirm to the recipient that they were loved and valued.

Increases Your
Collection's Value

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Value is attributed to a collection by demonstrating its significance - identifying, documenting and displaying the items together - in a volume specifically designed for this purpose.

Share it with friends, loved ones and colleagues, wherever they may be and whenever you choose – with a click of a button on your computer or mobile device!

The Benefits To You

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Your catalogue gives you control over the way you wish your collection to be presented and your story told.

Your collection represents a substantial investment of time, effort and money. The catalogue will be valuable to those who will inherit or purchase your collection.

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Your catalogue provides an excellent marketing tool for prospective buyers or viewers if you're planning on selling or exhibiting the collection.

Your catalogue becomes a showcase: the way to share your collection exactly as you wish – anywhere, anytime – with the click of a button.

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The catalogued items are proof of authenticity and ownership for insurance purposes and estate planning.

By creating your catalogue you are becoming re-acquainted with all the objects you have acquired and the memories accompanying each purchase.

A collection is more than items or objects; rather it is a reflection of interests, inspiration, passion and history.

Your Collection Is Your Story

…and it's waiting to be told through your own personal catalogue with each item beautifully photographed, accurately described and accompanied by the story of how you came to acquire each specific piece. In this way those you care about can take pleasure in the beauty and joy of each and every cherished piece, knowing how much it meant to you to collect it in the first place.

…and Your Story Is Your Legacy

Portolan MapIt's who you are. When left untold, your story is forgotten. No matter how you tell it - the recollections and reminiscences that accompany your collection are what make each and every catalogue unique! It's your life story reaching out through the collected pieces to your loved ones. Your voice to their hearts.

This service is exclusively yours - a personalized catalogue of your collection designed to your specifications which will best document the items you've spent your lifetime collecting.

The Process

  1. Each item is photographed, measured and assigned a catalogue number.
  2. Detailed descriptions of the items are written.
  3. Together we write your story.
  4. The volume is then edited, formatted and a digital copy is prepared.
  5. Hard or soft cover copes are printed in as many copies as you wish.
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We're done! It's as simple as that. No ongoing expenses or costly subscriptions. You now have your personal catalogue, designed and executed to your specifications, ready to share anytime, anywhere.

Your Collection – Your Story – in the palm of your hand, and at the touch of a button.

In the words of museum professionals...

Bowling Pins

“From a museum point of view, a catalogue would be an incredibly useful resource for us to view if we were looking to loan items from a collector.”

“This is something that could be of interest to some of our local collectors.

“You provide a service many collectors appreciate.”

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...and personal clients:

Image: Jacques des Rousseaux - A 'tronie' of an old man at prayer

Image: Jacques des Rousseaux
A 'tronie' of an old man at prayer

"I would like to commend Eve Black for the outstanding job she has done in producing a comprehensive catalogue of my family's art collection. She brought to the task a finely developed sense of aesthetics and outstanding skills in layout and design. In addition, Eve had a sensitivity for the story behind the acquisitions that highlighted the personal meaning and significance of the collection. I particularly appreciated her flexibility and acceptance of new ideas and suggestions, while still being very attentive to detail. Throughout the process of creating this catalogue I have found Eve to be highly efficient, a pleasure to work with and a complete professional."

- N.D., November 2020

Image: Burmese Ginger Jar - Bamboo & Lacquerware

Image: Burmese Ginger Jar
Bamboo & Lacquerware

"Eve's aesthetic eye and professional attention to detail produced a beautiful catalogue that captured the vision of what I had hoped to achieve with the project. Eve has a particular talent in interviewing people. I was impressed at how well Eve was able to pivot with new information and incorporate moving in new directions that unfolded in the creative process of working together artistically and resourcefully."

- E.S., February 2021

Image: Halvorson, 1967 - Family Group

Image: Halvorson, 1967
Family Group

"Working with Eve Black on the catalogue of our art collection was a wonderful experience. Eve is expert at providing all that is necessary in order to achieve a gorgeous result. She is professional, thorough, patient , pleasant and positive. She has excellent attention to detail. She's responsive, proactive, independent and she allowed us to be as involved (or not) as we wanted. Eve is imaginative, extremely intelligent and creative and has an excellent esthetical sense. We also were greatly impressed with the team of people that assisted her. Thank you Eve for a fantastic experience and catalogue."

- E.M., December 2022

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"When I began working with Eve, I really 'just' needed an inventory and record of the art and antiquities my husband and I had amassed over our marriage but mainly over our time in Caesarea when we had the space to display. At first the thought was simply overwhelming, and we truly had no idea of what and how much there was... It took a year and amazingly we did it all before the movers arrived to pack it all up and put it into storage until our next home is ready... While I see these catalogues still as a work in progress... there are pieces loaned out that weren't photographed and new additions I am sure... with Eve it will be a breeze… and an absolutely stunning creation… I was totally impressed at first sight. The catalogues truly blew me away and I am more than delighted."

- D.S., April 2023


Eve BlackClients approach me because they are either serious collectors who want a recorded, elegant and personal account of their lifetime of collecting – chronicling the way it all began, the story behind the story, why they chose what they chose and what it means to them – or – they've collected items a bit more casually, gradually surrounding themselves with pieces, and ultimately wanting to share the story of how the items found their way into their lives.

The collections present a visual narrative and without realizing it, what emerges through the process is a wonderfully unexpected and personal life story that serves as a living legacy for the collector's loved ones, friends and colleagues.

By putting everything into a single volume you invite those whom you care about to take a walk through your life – as you chose it to be – and become much more connected to who you are and what is meaningful to you.

I'm Eve Black. With a B.Sc. in Arts Administration and an MA in Heritage Management, I am a Cultural Resource Management Consultant, Editor and Curator with many years of collection management experience and catalogue creation.

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Whatever it is you collect – either as a novice collector, newly entering the exciting world of collecting or a more experienced collector, for whom your collection represents long-term, carefully planned purchases of specific objects – I work with you throughout the process – wherever you may be – to present your collection to its fullest.

It would be my personal pleasure to discuss your specific project with you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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